Famous Events in Music History – August 24 – Frank Sinatra’s Song ‘In The Blue Of The Evening’ hits #1

On August 24th, 1943, Frank Sinatra’s Song ‘In The Blue Of The Evening’ hits number 1. In The Blue Of The Evening hearkens back to those big band days of the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Written in the mist of World War Two, this song has some mellow undertones that reflect the feeling of morning and lost that I am sure many families, not just in the United States, but around the world would have felt.

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Famous Events in Music History – August 23rd – Kenny Loggins Gets a Hollywood Star

On August 23rd, Kenny Loggins is immortalized with his very own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Kenny Loggins has had an incredible over four decade career. He has so many hit songs from his solo career to his writing songs for major motion pictures. So, in honor of Kenny Loggins, here is our list of the top four Kenny Loggins songs.

Number 4.

Number 3. If you have never seen Caddyshack, you should just stop reading this post and watch it. I’ll wait. Who can forget the enemy gopher dancing to this song in sweet sweet victory.

Number 2. This is just a classic song from a classic movie.

Number 1. Nothing screams jet fighters and Tom Cruise like this song does. Nothing encompasses the movie Top Gun like this song.

Famous Events in Music History August 16th

On this day in 1977, the music world was shaken by the death of “The King” Elvis Presley. We could go on and on about Elvis Presley and his music career. About his time in the military. About his eventual downfall. But, we will let his music do the talking. Here are our favorite Elvis Songs!

Hound Dog

We can already hear you singing!

Heartbreak Hotel

Just a classic song that reminds you of the Golden Age of Rock N Roll! Nothing screams 50’s like Heartbreak Hotel

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Of course we had to throw in the classic love song. Get ready to hold your sweetheart close.

Nova Sun Records Favorite Anti-Christmas Songs

As the world starts to look a lot like Christmas, I sit here and find myself trying to run away and hide from all the Christmas joy and cheer. My responses to most questions this year has been, “Bah Humbug.” So what better way to start off December that with our favorite Anti-Christmas Songs!

Fuck Christmas – Fear

Need I say anymore! This one made me chuckle a little.

I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink 182

This song definitely takes me back to my youth then I was an angst filled teenager. Made me go back and listen to other songs from Blink.

River – Joni Mitchell

My dad was the first one to introduce me to Joni Mitchell so I think he would be proud with this choice. River only a passing reference to Christmas but it is a beautiful song nonetheless.

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

What Anti-Christmas collection would be complete without the Grinch!

Kidnap The Sandy Claws – The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you are anything like me, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie that is watched all year long. But kidnapping the Sandy Claws, sounds intriguing.

I Hate Christmas – Ren + Stimpy’s Crock O’ Christmas

I love the Ren + Stimpy cartoon. I remember watching this everyday as a kid. So what better way to start the Holiday Season then by Ren signing a lounge song about how much he hates Christmas. This makes me happy. Heck, the whole album makes me happy!

Nova Sun Records review of Superbowl 49 Halftime Show

What can I really say about SuperBowl 49’s Halftime show? After last year’s surperb performance by Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, my expectiations, as I am sure many of yours, where high. What I came into this halftime show expecting was a high energy, high octane performance from Katy Perry that rivaled how the game was played. Sadly, to start, that was not the case.

As with all the SuperBowl Halftime shows, we enter which the trademark Pepsi logo that opens up like the Red Sea as Katy Perry, mounted on a lion, walks the pass singing her song ‘Roar’. As awesome as this sounds as I write this, the actual scene was not too impressive. Her movements were somewhat robotic and her voice, passionless. To be fair, trying to balance on a moving tiger can’t be the easiest thing in the world. But the point remains, unimpressed.

Perry’s second song was the hit smash hit ‘Dark Horse’, which I really like the dancers dressed in chess pieces and the effect flooring as a chess board that shifted the illusion based on the performer’s movements. As the rather short segment started coming to an end, it floor seemed to break away into a tornado like effect. It was a nice background for this part of the show and I wish there was more of it. The background effects were really the star here.

Next, enter Lenny Kravitz, unfortunately, Kravitz was not really a guest star but rather a guest guitar player. He enters on the song ‘I Kissed a Girl’. They did rock the song up from the original version for the addition of Lenny Kravitz, but of all the things you can do with a rock star like Kravitz? Like, play one of his songs? Katy Perry seemed out of place as she was trying to do the “rock star head bang” during this part. I think she eventually gave up on the rocking out and just sat on her knees as Kravitz soloed. Sadly, Kravitz was gone just as quickly as he entered.

After a quick pause, the lights come back on and enter the most cheesy, cartoonish, campy beach settings in have ever seen. I could not stop laughing at what I was seeing. They had everything from palm trees, waves, beach balls, dancing sharks, each one with a dancer. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the moving scenery, the funny expressions the beach balls made with Katz Perry as she interacted with them was just priceless and we can’t forget the dancing sharks. Oh yeah, there were a few songs in there somewhere, ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘California Gurls’ I think.

Just when you think that Katy Perry, just like the Seahawks, was going to score, here comes Missy Elliott with the interception. As soon as the intro for Missy’s ‘Get Ur Freak On’ started, I was instantly taken back to my High School days. Shows my age a bit don’t it. Missy enters with so much energy that all I can say is she stole the whole show from Katy Perry. And the high energy just continued as they flowed right into ‘Work It’ and finally ending with ‘Lose Control’.

As Missy Elliott waved goodbye to a roaring crowd, we pan over for the last song of the evening. Katy Perry finally sings with some passion as she finishes with her song ‘Firework’. Singing from a moving platform to mimic a firework with only about a one foot floor in which to stand one, at times you a here a little hesitation in here voice as she moved on this platform over the stage but all is forgiven as again, it is not easy to sing on moving things. But it was a fitting end to the halftime show that tried to start with a “roar” but ended with fireworks.