“We believe in music with so much passion that you can feel it coming through with every song, every note, every beat.”

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Nova Sun RecordsColorful Rhythm’s music is an “Imaginative surreal synergy of instrumental and vocal music, with an enchanting mix of influences.”

Cschawil-When I was browsing Itunes, I stumbled upon Mike Gassett.  Gave it a listen and now it is the best purchase I can remember making in a while.

Being a true independent record label, we at Nova Sun Records believe in treating all of our clients like family.  Our clients put their passion into their music, so too, must we put all of our passion into having their music be heard.  We work closely with our clients to, not only create songs and albums, but GREAT songs and albums.

And we stand by our music.  Like our name suggests, we supports musicians of all styles of music.  Passion can never be hidden in music and it is that that makes our music unique.

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